Virtual trail

Behind the iron treasure

The application will take you to places in Geopark Ralsko that are associated with iron ore mining. In past centuries, people living in the area below Ralsko used all the available wealth of the country to survive. The local land has always been relatively poor in agricultural yields, sandy soil is not very fertile. Instead, prospectors found iron-rich rocks here. There were also forests suitable for the production of brown coal in the area, and rivers and ponds that could power mills and crushing plants. From the 16th century, there were continuous efforts to mine and process iron ore. These activities left many traces in the area. They may be hard to see at first glance, but they can be found if you look carefully, and then you will discover that what is a place of peace and relaxation today was a very lively enterprise over two hundred years ago. If you want to understand the land below Ralsko, you have to travel back in time with us.

The application will show you 8 visualisations that will transport you back to a different time with augmented reality.

Privacy policy:

A large part of the application is based on the use of the camera - through it the user reads the QR codes needed to run the visualizations and looks with him into the space for the use of augmented reality. The application does not search for or publish sensitive information through the camera, it only serves as an intermediary for the above-mentioned services.

Storage is needed to store visualizations. Because the application includes large video spheres and videos, you need to have them to store them. The application uses the storage only to store the visualizations and data necessary for smooth operation.