The virtual trail will take you to places in Geopark Ralsko that are associated with the historical mining of iron ore. At each stop you will meet historical fi gures that infl uenced iron ore business in the region. You can look forward to the Count of Waldstein or Hartig, as well as Charles of Bieberstein. You can even have your picture taken with them!


The local area was always relatively poor in agricultural yields, because sandy soil is not very fertile. On the other hand, there were iron-rich rocks, forests suitable for the production of charcoal, and rivers and ponds for powering mills and crushing plants. From the 16th to the late 18th century, there were ongoing efforts to mine and process iron ore. Many traces of these activities remained in the landscape. They may be hard to see at fi rst glance, but those who know where to look will fi nd them, discovering that this area, which is now a place of peace and relaxation, was once a very lively enterprise.


The application uses a few types of visualisations - augmented reality, videosphere and video. You can be in the middle of the action with your phone. However, you will need a phone that supports AR (augmented reality) to ensure the visualisations will work properly. If your phone doesn't support AR, you can still go through the trail, discover places with a hidden story and use the educational boards with text and pictures.


1 Download the application. The application requires fast data fl ow, so we recommend downloading it with a wi-fi connection.

2 Once you download the application, head out on the trail; find the board at the stop and open the visualisation with the QR code on the board.

3 After you open the visualisation, fi rst point your phone at the ground until a logo of the geopark appears, because the model needs to hold on to a hard surface. Then use the arrow to start the visualisation. You can walk around the model. Use the circle with arrows to control the model and rotate it.


There are 11 stops on the virtual trail. These stops are divided into 4 circuits, and they include an easy walk.

  • DOKSY CIRCUIT: 1) Chateau Doksy, 2) Havířský vrch
  • HRADČANY CIRCUIT: 3) Držník Pond, 4) U Trojzubce crossroads, 5) Boreček
  • MIMOŇ CIRCUIT: 6) Mimoň town square
  • HAMR NA JEZEŘE CIRCUIT: 7) Hamr lake dam, 8) Děvín - collapsed adit, 9) Děvín - entrance into adit, 10) Schächtenstein, 11) Gazebo under Děvín

Privacy policy:

A large part of the application is based on the use of the camera - through it the user reads the QR codes needed to run the visualizations and looks with him into the space for the use of augmented reality. The application does not search for or publish sensitive information through the camera, it only serves as an intermediary for the above-mentioned services.

Storage is needed to store visualizations. Because the application includes large video spheres and videos, you need to have them to store them. The application uses the storage only to store the visualizations and data necessary for smooth operation.