Mimoň - Iron ore business in the Hartig estate

The journey along the traces of the history of iron ore mining takes us to Mimoň to House Hartig. In the extensive estate of the House, mining was developped the most in 1768-1797. In the area from Mimoň to Hamr na Jezeře, there were four mines, for example at Děvín and near Svébořice. The mined material was transported to the blast furnace in Hamr, where the ore was smelted. Charcoal was produced by two charcoal pits under Ralsko, and the iron was further processed in five hammer mills nearby. The iron ore business contributed to the economci stability of the estate.

Note that...

In the visualisation, you will meet Count Franz de Paula Hartig in 1785, who was not only an enlightened economist, but also had the chateau park Mimoň in landscaped. Note the chateau that stood on these grounds. We modelled it after the only illustration that depicts it before the fire in 1806.

The virtual trail

The stop is part of the virtual trail that will lead you to places in the Ralsko Geopark that are associated with iron ore mining.

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