Doksy Chateau

Mining in the times of Vincenc Ferrerius of Wallenstein

Our journey towards the iron treasure begins with a meeting with Count Vincenc Ferrerius of Wallenstein, a known music and theatre lover. But Count Vincenc's life was more than just about arts. He was also interested in the economic aspects of his estate surrounding Doksy. During his administration in 1755-1797, iron ore mining was in full swing. Ore mining was intensive on Havířský vrch, with the blast furnace in Hradčany producing 7 tonnes of raw iron per week, hammer mills and iron ore crusher plants in operation, and charcoal pits supplying tonnes of charcoal. The truth is that the Count took the estate when it was heavily in debt and he himself was burdened by a great deal of expenditure to support the arts. The iron ore business was therefore part of his economic plan to raise the estate economically.

The virtual trail

The stop is part of the virtual trail that will lead you to places in the Ralsko Geopark that are associated with iron ore mining.

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