Boreček - Iron ore crushing plant

Around 1786 we would have found a dusty and noisy operation in these parts - a hammer mill and an iron ore crushing plant powered by water wheels. The entire enterprise belonged to the Wallenstein estate, like the blast furnace near Hradčany and iron ore mines at Havířský vrch. We only have sparse information about the hammer mill and the crushing plant on the banks of the Ploučnice River. Historical maps tells us that there used to be a system of two mill races, indicating that the entire complex was quite extensive.

Note that...

When searching for the iron ore crushing plant, the terrain is your best clue. Note the square depression, on its sides in the slope you will find a huge amount of iron slag. The hammer mill was located also on the other bank of the mill race, and you can get there if you go back a little way along the path, cross the bridge and then turn left. You will find yourselves in the middle of the entire production complex. The most observant of explorers can spot the mouth of the second mill race.

The virtual trail

The stop is part of the virtual trail that will lead you to places in the Ralsko Geopark that are associated with iron ore mining.

How to do it?

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