About the team

Mgr. Lenka Mrázová, director

Education: Faculty of Arts of Charles University in Prague, Culturology

Work experience: head of the Villa Hrdlička training centre in Česká Lípa - Hrdlička s.r.o., head of the Environmentally-friendly Tourism Conference Centre - České Švýcarsko o.p.s., education manager at České Švýcarsko o.p.s., head of the Vila Čerych Česká Skalice education centre - Civil Society Development Foundation, Česká Skalice Development Centre, coordinator of the Czech-German project Cross of Reconciliation - TUŽ se, Broumovsko, consultant for Interpretation of Local Heritage, qualified instructor for experience courses, trainer and creator of EVVO programmes - collaboration with the CENIA agency, etc.

Pavla Růžičková, project manager

Work experience: self-employed Czech-German interpreter and translator, editorial work, production, organisation of events, preparation of European projects and other grant applications, preparation of printed materials (TV Prima, UJEP, R1Lyra, DogFriends z.s., Czech Press Group a.s. - editor-in-chief of Kočičí planeta and V sedle magazines; Evropan o.s., Femina Film Film Festival), project manager for Evropan o.s. - Bohemian-Saxon project "We're Neighbours - series of shows from the Bohemian-Saxon border regions"

RNDr. Dominik Rubáš, geopark geologist

Education: Faculty of Science of Charles University in Prague, Physical Geography and Geoecology

Work experience: teacher at the 2nd stage at Kobyly Elementary School, publication and lecturing work on physical geography topics, teacher at Science is Fun groups at elementary school held by professor Švejcar and at the náměstí Bratří Jandusů elementary school, involvement in geological surveys in the Podještědí region, lectures on matters of geological and hydrogeological interest in the Podještědí region, research in the field of human bioclimatology.

Mgr. Petr Mužák, geopark geologist

Education: Šluknov Secondary Forestry School, Forestry

Work experience: forestry silviculture in LS Ještěd grounds; biological researcher, manager of biodiversity, nature protection and waste sorting projects at the Czech Union for Nature Conservation (ČSOP) Armillaria; curator of the geological and palaeontological collections, administrator of depositories and geological exhibitions, documenter at the National History Museum and Gallery in Česká Lípa; chair of the cultural promotion committee and member of the hunting council of ČMMJ, z. s. (Czech-Moravian Hunting Union) - OMS Liberec; chair of the revisory committee of MS Rozstání-Světlá pod Ještědem; publication and lecturing work on various geological and palaeontological topics; hunting examiner; organiser of public cultural and educational programmes in the natural sciences; organiser, trainer and examiner in natural science competitions for children and young people at the ČMMJ and ČSOP.