Land art in the former villages of Ralsko 

The fourth annual international land-art gathering in the former village of Jabloneček is over. There, the artists created works that brought forgotten places back to life. This year, for the first time, the event was also attended by artists from Norway and Iceland. Besides their presentations, the festival also featured 11 different creative workshops - a drumming and fujar school, making shingles, threading beads and weaving grass, making toys and puppets, as well as artistic workshops focusing on modern photography with a glass sphere or the art of sculpture. The lavish programme of events was accompanied by concerts and theatre for children and adults.

For the first time ever the 2019 festival also included a competition for the public, in which groups and individuals had the chance to create their works in the former villages of Ralsko and tell us about their ideas. An exhibition featuring and evaluating all the works was held at the Transformations Festival on Saturday 25 May 2019. The panel of judges was made up entirely of professional artists from the Czech Republic, Germany, Norway and Iceland. You can find photos of the works with captions here.

Photo gallery from the 2019 Transformations Festival

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