About the organisation

The Ralsko Geopark is a public benefit society that controls the Ralsko National Geopark.

The Ralsko Geopark is in essence a specific geopark. It is predominantly situated in the territorial unit of a single municipality (it comprises the entire cadastre of the town of Ralsko, and part of the cadastre of the towns of Doksy and Hamr na Jezeře). It is located on the former Ralsko military training site, which covers a total area of approx. 294 km2.


  • 2013 - establishment of the management entity Ralsko Geopark o.p.s., awarded the statute of a candidate geopark
  • 2016 - granted the Ralsko National Geopark certificate and membership of the National Council of Geoparks of the Czech Republic


The main motto of the Ralsko Geopark is "A barrier-free landscape of former villages, iron ore and sandstone rocks", which covers the main natural and cultural phenomena of the area. The term barrier-free means that the area is open to people of all ages and social categories and that the territory is preserved for the general public as part of sustainable tourism. The relief of the area is ideal for seeing the landscape from all different angles and the terrain is easy enough to be accessible to visitors with limited mobility.


Our mission is based on the National Geoparks Charter and the principles of sustainable development. We strive to promote the environmentally-friendly development of the region based on the protection of natural and cultural values. To promote the economic development of the region based on environmentally-friendly tourism and positive presentation. To promote the social development of the region based on awareness and education.


  1. Protection of natural and cultural values, research and monitoring
  2. Interpretation of local heritage, education and enlightenment
  3. Development of environmentally-friendly tourism (geotourism), promotion of the region
  4. Collaboration in regional development