Držník Pond - Blast furnace

At the end of the 18th century, Hradčany was not a resort, but a lively iron ore business. The iron ore mined at Havířský vrch a Buk Mountains was transported here and smelted in a blast furnace that stood beneath the dam of Držník Pond. The local landscape looked different. The blast furnace was 8 metres tall and was equipped with a water wheel; around it, a stockpile of up to 200 tonnes of iron ore that lay in heaps almost 2 metres high. Beneath the furnace, there were heaps of slag that local farmers used to remove up until 1920 - that is 123 years after the furnace went cold - to to reuse it as road paving. There were probably other ironworks in the vicinity.

Note that...

How do you know that there really used to be a blast furnace here? When you look closely under the pond dam, you can still find the slag dump there. And how do you recognize it? Slag is a waste material from the production of iron. It is darker in colour, usually with sharp edges. 

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