How to do it?

Download the app using the QR code at . The app is data intensive, we recommend downloading it while on Wi-Fi. Once you have downloaded the app, head out, the visualization will open once you find a board with a QR code in its header.

The Iron Treasure Virtual Geotrail

The virtual trail will lead you to places in the Ralsko Geopark that are associated with iron ore mining. Take a journey through time and immerse yourselves in the local history!

Why iron ore?

The area has always been relatively poor in agricultural yields due to the not very fertile sandy soil. However, the land was rich with iron ore, forests suitable for charcoal production and rivers and ponds to power hammer mills and crushing plants. Since the 16th to the 18th century, there had been efforts to mine and process the iron ore. Many traces were left in the landscape by these efforts. These traces may be hard to spot at first sight, but those who know what to look for will find them. And once they do, they will find that the landscape, which is calm and peaceful nowadays, was once a very lively enterprise.

What is virtual reality?

The app uses several types of visualisation - augmented reality, videosphere or video. With your phone, you can be in the centre of the action. For the visualisations to work properly, however, you will need a phone that supports AR (augmented reality). If you don't have a phone that supports AR, don't despair; you can still walk the trail, discover places with hidden stories and use the educational boards with texts and pictures.

Where to next?

The virtual trail includes 11 stops. The trail is divided into 4 circuits in the app and constitutes an easy walk.

The Doksy circuit: 1) Doksy Chateau, 2) Havířský vrch

The Hradčany circuit: 3) Držník Pond, 4) U Trojzubce Crossroads, 5) Boreček

The Mimoň circuit: 6) Mimoň Town Square

The Hamr na Jezeře circuit: 7) Hamer Lake Dam, 8) Děvín - collapsed adit, 9) Děvín - entrance to the adit, 10) Schächtenstein, 11) Gazebo under Děvín