Geopark network

Network of National Geoparks

The Ralsko Geopark is an active member of the Network of National Geoparks of the Czech Republic, within which the individual geoparks exchange experience, organise visits, seminars and conferences with a geological theme. The main idea and purpose of geoparks are summarised in the National Geoparks Charter.

The main coordinating body of the national geoparks network is the National Council of Geoparks of the Czech Republic. The Council helps to implement the principles of the geopark concept, assists in geopark activities and also decides on the inclusion of canditate areas in the national geoparks network.


The term geopark is used to describe a territory that provides a picture of the geological development of the Earth and shows the impact that the area's local riches have on the economic and cultural development of society. It appears in a region whose geology enables an interesting interpretation of its geological processes and is perceived as such by the general public, and where local groups form a functioning infrastructure supporting traditional and new geotourism activities. The geopark is set up as a local community initiative and can, at the community's instigation, be supported by specialised workplaces.

Detailed information about geoparks in the Czech Republic and around the world can be found here.