Schächtenstein peak

Schächtenstein - The deepest mining site in the geopark

The back of Schächtenstein is literally split open with the most extensive iron ore mining site in the entire Ralsko Geopark. The mining site is 18 metres deep in its deepest part. Today, it is filled in with fallen material. The vertical walls still show pockets carved for timbering. When you look around more closely, you will see that the mining site extends in both directions, its overall length from the road to the last pit on the southwestern hill of Schächtenstein is about 96 metres.

Did you know that...?

The iron ore business thrived the most under the rule of House Hartig in 1768-1797. The iron ore mined here was transported to the blast furnace in Hamr na Jezeře, where it was smelted into iron, which was then made into baking pots, kettles, hot plates, mortars (cannons), melting pots or rod iron in forges.

Image caption: The mining site is based around a volcanic vein that passes through the top of Děvín and the Hamerský Špičák. The decomposed volcanic vein was mined for its high iron content and good breaking characteristics. The 3D model shows the course of the volcanic vein, with the mining site groove visible on Schächtenstein. Source: State Administration of Land Surveying and Cadastre